10 Tips on Conversion Rate Optimization

In the modern commercial world characterized by fierce competition among contenders of business promotion online conversion rate optimization is vital. Enterprises design their website in a way to ensure more traffic movement to their sites and to convert potential buyers into real and ultimately loyal buyers. Here are ten tips on how to optimize conversion rates.

Brand Identity – The Need of Every Business

I have seen people using the terms logo and brand interchangeably. A few years back I had the same thought. But being an M.B.A today I have learned the basic difference between the two.

While the logo is the symbol of any business entity it is not regarded as the brand entirely. It is just a small step toward creating a meaningful and effective brand identity.

Top 10 Tips on Personal Branding

Entrepreneurs entering the commercial world for the first time need personal branding and its recognition on the web. While the process of developing an effective brand that would be instantly recognized by online shoppers is a complex one, it is indispensable today. The reason is that besides direct online shoppers there are also others surfing the Internet for information on the required products and services they are looking for.