Startup Services

Startup Services

To hire Brand Square Media for your startup services is surely a smart move to make because our professional team understands the startup terrain.
Starting from business registration/incorporation to business branding services, we are with you at every step of your journey. Our services enhance the chances of a business gaining the much-needed digital support it needs to grow.

Benefits For Your Business

We provide you with the necessary startup services to help your brand find its footing in the already competitive market.

Our goal is to help your startup business idea become a reality, we strive to do this by providing you with the necessary help and connections to make your startup business stand out and make it durable.

Stress-free Business Incorporation

Our professional corporate team will help you register your new business with the relevant authorities without stress.

Business Launch In 30 Days

We help your start up business with all necessary documentation and services for a ready launch in 30 days or less.

Market Strategy In 2 Weeks

Our market researchers and strategists will guide your brand in discovering your real customers, competitors, and how to navigate through the market.

Professional Pitch Deck

An expertly arranged pitch deck will give your new business a professional impression, appealing look to potential investors, and helps improve your success rate.

What we can offer


Everything from company registration and business proposal development to income tax returns filing and GST filing, our experts handle all the services required to complete setting up your business with great ease and efficiency.


Business development is a combination of many smaller processes put together. we successfully guide you from start to finish. They make the journey exciting, enjoyable, and effortless.


Our team uses their professional experience to not only generate multiple leads but also come up with strategies to ensure a 100% turn-around rate, with appropriate customer point of contact details.


Choosing the right company for your market research or evaluation project can be confusing, stressful, and time-consuming. We guarantee we will save you time, and in most cases money.


Doubting how to proceed? We will develop for you a real and working business plan that will identify promising development paths and indicate the right direction for profit growth.


Our team of dedicated, talented professionals who are committed to customer satisfaction and delivering high-quality results every time. We focus on providing growing businesses with engaging presentations to pitch their million-dollar idea.

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